Coming up soon. Engage 2022

I’ve just came back to my blog and noticed, that I have not written since the last Engage that took place in March 2020. You all know what happened in between and how we all missed the occasional gathering of the HCL Collaboration Software Community.

So, the wait is over. Theo Heselmans with huge support of Hilde has found us a great place to meet in the historic city of Bruges. The event will take place in May from the 24th, to the 25th, 2022. One day earlier on Monday afternoon there are already very interesting workshops that are worth your time as well.

Here is the link to register:

If you are hesitant if you should attend, I’ll give you a few reasons why you should travel to Belgium:
– Choose from over 80 sessions, all around HCL software, like Domino, Connections, Sametime or Volt. Listen and learn, the speakers want to share their knowledge
– Meet HCL Product Managers and Representatives in a professional, but informal environment. They are eager to talk to you and know about customer success stories and challenges.
– Meet technical experts from different industries (bring your technical challenges and issues, there is a lot of talent around)
– Talk to the sponsors and business partners and get to know their solutions and products
– Attend the numerous round tables and get your voice heard. All hosts love a vivid conversation
– If you attend for the first time, no worries. Even if it feels like a class reunion (and somehow it is) we are a friendly bunch. Just introduce yourself and you’ll belong to the group faster than you may think
– Use the different breaks to make new friends and mingle

In that sense, we see each other in May!

Zurich IT Days in Retrospect

Last Friday/Saturday the Zurich IT days took place at different sites all over Zurich. Bigger and well know companies opened their doors and did showcase their projects around digitalization and modernization for the public. It was a welcome insight of what is doable already and what is worked on for the future. One track took also place at the University of Zurich and it was an honor to present during these two days at the University itself.

Together with my fellow IBM Champion Roberto Mazzoni we talked about Social Business and how businesses and organization can empower their employees (and guests) in working successfully together.

I do hope that the IT days will have a comeback next year; in my opinion a very good approach to share IT insights and have a lively exchange with the interested public.

IBM Connect in San Francisco – A comeback

During the next few days IBM Connect 2017 will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. While the subject of many sessions, solutions, products and most of the speakers are familiar or known for many years, the venue and location is brand new.

So, for the first time it’s not sunny Florida end of January it is (actually rainy) San Francisco and the community is gathering around the Moscone Center and will try to make San Francisco their home for a week.

I am looking forward to many great sessions and I am very interested in hearing how IBM will want to integrate new AI capatabilities aka Watson into their products and solutions. I want to learn more about the roadmap and the next releases of the software our customers built their collaboration solutions on.

For me it will be a totally special comeback to the city we “almost” wanted call our home for the rest of our lives. Instead, we decided to go back to Switzerland and start with our project and Belsoft as a company for IT services. A decision we never regretted, but still San Francisco will always be a city I called close to home and because of this IBM Connect in San Francisco is a very special one for me.

So, I’m back home and looking forward to seeing my 2nd family that is spread all over the world and meets once a year.