Enhancement Requests for Domino and Connections – A Preliminary Report

About a year ago IBM Offering Management launched their tracking portal for new ideas and enhancements requests around IBM Domino and IBM Connections. On both sites you can add more ideas and comment and upvote on existing ideas. There’s an easy overview of what is under consideration or what had been delivered.



Both platforms hold a huge amount of great ideas. For many surprisingly IBM Connections has much more ideas stored in the platform than Domino. Once an idea is available, everyone can vote up. The originator of the idea and all who voted up do receive status updates when an idea gets promoted.

While the amount of ideas under consideration is much bigger than the planned or delivered ideas, recently the interactions distinctly picked up and more and more ideas got an update and were worked on by IBM.

Call to action for all customers and business partners: Use the platform, fill in new ideas and vote or comment on existing ones, help making better the solutions we use and love.

Last but not least: A huge thanks to the offering managers who are working on it and report back to use through the system.


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