Social Connections 8 Boston – in the back mirror

As I am back in the office and I am looking back to the last few days in Boston, I can honestly say that Social Connections 8 was a blast and a great, great event. The team of hard working individuals from different regions all over the world did – once again – organize an excellent conference. It was for sure a huge step to bring this conference to the US for the first time after 7 shows in Europe.

Boston as the host city was a great choice, because of the closeness to IBM and the availability of many IBM executives who also attended several sessions. Many had great presentations themselves, were open to answer questions, did mingle around the attendees and also joined the night at the museum. Boston is a beautiful city that is easily reached from almost all over the world. Nevertheless for us as an European business partner and speaker it was not an easy decision regarding the high flight and hotel costs, but it was for sure the right decision.

Our session (co speaking with Andreas Ponte) around a customer story about a joint platform for 7 major insurance companies in Europe was well appreciated and we were following up the conversation with many interested listeners. We will publish the slides soon, but this post belongs the Social Connections Team – you all did an excellent job, thank you very much for the effort! I am already looking forward to the next show in Stuttgart in October 2015.

The fabulous team

Stuart McIntyre was core and center for the past eight events and after his career step there were questions about the future of the event. But Stuart is still and will be involved in organizing this events and as he built this strong and capable group of volunteers they all will carry on and I am sure that with Social Connections 9 we will see and experience another great and successful event.

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